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*Computer and Languages

Östra Grevie Folk High School

The English Course A for Computer and Languages '96 /
'97 has focused on developing the general Proficiency
in English of the Student with Emphasis on his
abilities in reading, writing, speaking and
listening and further to increase the Student's
Knowledge of lexical and grammatical Systems.

in Addition, the Student's relative Skills in the use
of Computer Systems was exhibited in various Aspects
of the Student's Work and helped establish an increasing
understanding of spoken and written Texts that went beyond
being able to pick out items of factual information and
instead helped develop an ability to distinguish between
the main and subsidiary Points and between the Gist of
the Text and specific Detail.

The Level of the Course and some of the Material in the
Course was Cambridge First Certificate Level. All Lessons
were conducted in English by the native English Teacher
John Holmes M.A. [Master of Arts] T.E.F.L. [Teacher of
English as Foreign Language].

*international Business English

Business English – Cambridge University Business English
– Memos, Leaflets, Reports, Business Letters and Forms.

Basic Skills and Techniques for

  • Talking to People in Business Situations.
  • Business Correspondence: Letters, Faxes and Memos.
  • Writing Reports and making Notes.
  • Talking about where you work, Employment Policy, a
    Company's Activities, the Organisation and History.

    Marketing a Product, Market Research, Promotion and Advertising.
  • Explaining and describing Operations, giving instructions.
  • Applying for Jobs and writing a Curriculum Vitae.
  • Selling and Buying Products Simulation.
  • Methods of Payments, Cash Flow, invoicing
    and Non–payment Situations.

*General English

Word processor: Quark Xpress Passport 3.31
iNTERNET: the use and adaption of English
Language Programmes found on the World Wide Web.

Skills developed by practising with Recordings
which include Conversations, interviews,
a Lecture and Radio Programmes.

The creation of a Project combining Computer Skills
and English around the Theme of contemporary Malmö.
Title: Segregated Malmö.

Practised to improve Reading Comprehension.
Articles from Newspapers, Journals and Regalia.

Trained using of Presentation
Techniques, interviews and Discussions.

Practised by training with Model Text
Types showing Layout, the Summary, Article
Writing, Organisation and Language.

informal Letters, formal Letters,
Description, directed writing, directions
and Paragraph writing Business Letter.

*For further information

Please contact Mr. John Holmes, M.A. [Master of Arts]
T.E.F.L. [Teacher of English as Foreign Language]
Östra Grevie Folk High School in Malmö

Postal Address; Smålandsgatan 20, SE–234 35 Lomma, SWEDEN
Phone / Fax; +46 [0]40–41 64 66

E–mail; erikfaltskolan @ ostra–grevie.fhsk.se

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