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When: Uptodate;

1] Primary School; Malmö Sorgenfri 1981–1987

2] Secondary School; Malmö Stenkula 1987–1990

3] Upper Secondary; Malmö Latin, Aesthetic Civics Course 1990–1993

4] Higher Education;
a] Lund University, Faculty of Humanities
Courses in General Linguistics,
Practical Philosophy, Autumn 1993
and Cultural Science, Spring 1994

b] Malmö S.t Petri Communication and Media,
Autumn 1994 – Spring 1995

c] Lund University, Faculty of Humanities,
institute of Art, Mass image and Art
image in Our Time, Spring'96

d] Lund University of Technology [LTH]
Creative imaging by Computer Graphics, Autumn'96

e] Malmö Computer and Languages, Östra Grevie Folk High School
Autumn 1996 – Spring 1997. Please read Course in English.

University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate
First Certificate in English Certificate Grade C Pass –
indicates that the Candidate has achieved a satisfactory Standard

The Candidate achieved a high Level of Performance in the Component of Speaking.

Other Components were Listening, Use of English,
Writing and Reading [June 1997]

f] Lund University of Technology [LTH]
The image as a Way of Communication, Spring 1997

g] Malmö Hacker Academy, iNTERNET Layout,
Alias Wavefront Power Animator 8.2–5 and
some Softimage, Autumn 1997 – Spring 1998

h] Lund University, Faculty of Social Sciences / Civics,
institute of Sociology, Media and Communication Studies, 1998–1999

i] Lund University, Faculty of Humanities,
institute of Art, Mass image and Art image in Our Time, 2000

5] Other Education;
a] Computer Rendering with AUTO DESK
3D Studio in Malmö, Spring 1995

b] Tele Market Trainee in Malmö,
Spring-Summer 1995

c] Video Editing in Malmö, Winter 1995

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